Your lipstick Dream Come True: Buy LipSense then Sell LipSense

August 24, 2017

Buy LipSense Sell LipSense

What do you do when your greatest wish (stay forever lipcolor) is finally answered? You buy LipSense then sell LipSense. I actually feel like it’s my responsibility to preach the gospel of the greatest lipstick ever made. Here’s a list of reasons why.

  1. It stays on for 12 hours.
  2. It doesn’t dry out your lips
  3. Do you really need a third reason?

Those of you who already know about this incredible product you probably want to preach the gospel too. Follow this link to sign up to become a distributor with #380265 and make money off your passion. Email anytime with questions about buying or selling maloney@travelerbroads.com. Scroll down to see the list of fabulous colors available.

lipsense colors

You can contact me at maloney@travelerbroads.com or order directly from the SeneGence website with distributor #380265

lipsense gloss

Here’s some quick tips to make your experience with lipSense the best it can be.

1.Gloss Gloss Gloss throughout the day.

2.Throw out your chapstick. The wax inhibits LisSense from working. Use gloss even without color when your lips just need hydration.

3.Exfoliate lips with a damp cloth, toothbrush or sugar scrub

4.LipSense automatically exfoliates. If your lip color flakes in the beginning or you experience some peeling don’t stress, it means it’s working. When the process is done your lips will be the softest they’ve ever been. Stick with it.

5.On your initial application of color you may experience a tingling sensation. This is the cosmetic grade alcohol evaporating off as it deposits the color. It is also what helps keep bacteria out of your lip senseLipSense is vegan, gluten free, kosher and cruelty free.

6.Shake color before application so pigments are evenly distributed.

7.Apply 3 thin layers of the color for best color. Try layering different colors for new looks.

8.Finish with gloss to lock in color and moisturize.

LipSense is the official lipstick of Broadway and you know Drag Queens don’t lie. Give it a try, you’ll thank me XOXO ~ Maloney

sell lipsense

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