10 Gifts any Female Traveler Will Love

December 18, 2017

Oh no, you have to buy a gift for a female traveler! This is not an easy task. Let me guess, she’s been everywhere and has everything or she lives out of a suitcase so how could you possibly give her something useful. We’re here to help! The one thing every traveler could use more of is money, but we can do better than that and get your traveler broad something thoughtful and useful! Here’s what to buy a traveler:

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what to buy a traveler1.External Batteries

When you’re always on the go, your phone/GoPro always needs charging. Our favorite Rav Power. They pack a lot of power into a purse-size battery.

what to buy a traveler


2Grayl Water Bottle

Fill. Press. Drink. Three steps to clean drinking water on the go. This ultralight reusable water bottle has its own filter. It’s especially good for the outdoorsy traveler or the international traveler. Did you know airplanes don’t filter their water? This is a great gift.


what to buy a traveler3. Rothy’s comfy slip on shoes

Speaking of saving the environment from plastic water bottles, Rothy’s shoes are actually made from recycled water bottles. Stylish, comfortable and they fit easily in an overnight bag. Perfection!






4. Thinx period underwear. what to buy a traveler

Yes we’ve come full circle and actually want underwear for Christmas. You’ll be happy you have it when you start your period on a camel in the Sahara Desert trust us!



5. Travel size everything.

Seriously, we always need them and the cost can really add up. I could never ever have enough travel sized dry shampoos. Batiste makes a great and affordable one.

what to buy a traveler6. Coffee

Did you know Turkish coffee is unfiltered, you just pour water over grounds and drink? We love trying the food and drinks of other cultures but sometimes I need one American-style coffee to start the day. DripKit is coffee and filter in a tiny disposable pour over. You only need hot water. Now buy us one please.




7. Global Entry

This is something your traveler is going to have to apply for themselves, but the application and $100 fee in an envelope will win you much love. Global Entry lets you fly through customs when you re-enter the USA and comes with Pre-Check, which is nothing short of life-changing.

8. Airline Miles

It’s easy to buy miles online for all major airlines. In many cases you can even transfer your unused miles to a friend. Don’t let those expiring miles go to waste!

9. Airbnb Giftcards

There’s nothing more authentic than homestay when traveling. Airbnb now has giftcards! If you haven’t signed up yet, use this link to get $40 off your first stay on us.


what to buy a traveler

10. Personalized suitcase wrap from Headcase

This might not be for everyone, but we obviously need this. Please, Santa please!



Also show some love to New Orleans and check out our Buy Local Shopping Guide!




what to buy a traveler

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