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Quarantine History Ep 6

Emeril Lagasse doubts she ever owned a pan, but that didn’t stop this fine dining grand dame from revolutionizing New Orleans’ restaurant scene. Meet “Pizzazz Ambassador of New Orleans” Ella Brennan in Episode 6 of Quarantine History. Episode 1 – Bricktop Episode 2 – The Bulletproof Baroness Episode 3 – General “Spoons” Episode 4 – Jenny Lind Episode 5 …

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Quarantine History Ep 5

A Russian immigrant, coups in Central America and victory in a Boston boardroom – the banana’s story spans the globe. But in episode 5 of Quarantine History, it’s New Orleans’ own Sam “Banana Man” Zemurray who takes the fruit straight to the top. Episode 1 – Bricktop Episode 2 – The Bulletproof Baroness Episode 3 …

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Quarantine History Ep4

A star so bright, New Orleans lost its damn mind – and a building on Magazine Street. Original opera diva Jenny Lind visits Episode 4 of Quarantine History. Episode 1 – Bricktop Episode 2 – The Bulletproof Baroness Episode 3 – General “Spoons” Episode 5 – Sam “The Banana Man”

Quarantine History

Quarantine History Ep 3

A Union general with sticky fingers scandalizes the country by dissing New Orleans women. Say hello (and goodbye) to Benjamin “Spoons” Butler in latest episode of Quarantine History

Quarantine History

Quarantine History Ep 2

Episode 2: The Bulletproof Baroness A child bride and heiress survives an assassination attempt, ditches her loser husband and becomes big time New Orleans famous. In this episode of Quarantine History, the Traveler Broads tell the tale of the bulletproof Baroness Pontalba. Episode 1 – Bricktop Episode 3 – General “Spoons” Episode 4 – Jenny …

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Quarantine History Ep 1

Episode 1: Bricktop One hot-headed sex worker, one jailor missing a certain something and the seediest street in antebellum New Orleans. In our debut episode of Quarantine History, we shed some light on the surprisingly dark past of the French Market. Subscribe to our YouTube channel for our slapstick historic re-enactments using just what we have in our …

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