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Gris- Gris NOLA

Gris Gris New Orleans has been the talk of the town since opening their doors in August 2018 in the Lower Garden District. They are a great choice for brunch and just expanded their brunch menu to Saturday and Sunday.…

September 30, 2019 / Author Maloney
Eat/Drink NOLA

Jimbeaux’s Bar & Grill

One of the youngest restaurant crews in Nola is bringing fresh new ideas and a fine dining twist to classic Cajun in their debut restaurant, Jimbeaux’s Bar & Grill, in New Orleans’ CBD.  In a sleek space in the former…

August 7, 2019 / Author Maloney
Eat/Drink NOLA

Simone’s Market: Curating Nola’s best foodie finds

Make groceries, buy local and feast on house-made goodies at Simone’s Market, New Orleans’ gourmet corner store.  It’s hard to say what we love most about Simone’s Market, New Orleans’ conscientiously curated grocery wonderland. For one, the shelves are stocked…

December 19, 2018 / Author Fender
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Catahoula Hotel: Cabana-chic and dog friendly

New Orleans’ Catahoula Hotel slays the hotel bar, Insta-perfect decor and vegan-Chinese fusion. We recommend this 35-room boutique hotel (a refreshing change from mega-chains) for 20-something trend-seekers, group travelers and dog lovers. The Catahoula, named for Louisiana’s state pooch, is…

December 13, 2018 / Author Fender