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The Traveler Broads are a New Orleans-based globetrotting duo known on their passports as Jessica Fender and Kerry Maloney. (But just call them Fender and Maloney.) Through their blog, journalism and printed guides, they focus on giving visitors a glimpse of authentic New Orleans, and feel strongly that anyone – any age, size, gender, color or ability – should get to experience the wonders of travel. After spending award-winning careers in newspaper writing and photography, the longtime buds focus on finding meaningful travel experiences throughout the region and the world that benefit locals and travelers alike.

FENDER- left

Sarcastic AF, she picked up her lifelong love of snark, terrible puns, and an effing Pulitzer (she can’t believe it either) writing for newspapers. When she discovered spa days and jungle tours are more fun than campaign finance reports — who knew? — she packed her bags to travel the world. Skills include: Cocktailing, Tetris-ing the hell out of a carryon, and getting off on being withholding.

MALONEY – right

A photojournalist and wedding photographer, who likes photographing beaches more than bitches. Life goals include: Singledom, figuring out how to never shower again, and finding a lipstick that can survive a trans-Atlantic flight. Don’t even try to keep track of her hair color, it changes faster than airfares to Brazil during high season.

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