Day trip to St. Bernard Parish, New Orleans’ ‘most historic’ neighbor

People line up at a white shrimp boat docked under a stormy sky on a day trip to St. Bernard Parish
Villages like Delacroix and Hopedale in St. Bernard Parish attract visitors interested in fishing charters or just buying fresh catch straight from the boat. Here, a shrimp trawler docks along Bayou la Loutre during Hopedale’s semi-annual Seafood Market. Photo by Jessica Fender

On a day trip to St. Bernard Parish, the aroma of chargrilled oysters drifts past an impromptu dance floor, where couples sway to King Harvest’s “Dancing in the Moonlight.” A trio of pageant queens in sashes, tiaras and rain boots share a tray of freshly boiled shrimp beneath the white canopy.

The darkening sky doesn’t seem to worry lively locals who’ve shown up to buy shrimp straight off the net-winged trawlers docked along Bayou la Loutre.

This seafood market in Hopedale is just one of a surprising variety of attractions — from arthouse movies and consignment shopping to idyllic fishing villages and deep dives into local history – awaiting New Orleans day trippers in “Da Parish” right next door.

Scenic Highway 46 links together major stops like a string of pearls, starting in the burgeoning artists’ enclave of Old Arabi and stretching out into the Gulf of Mexico. A day trip to St. Bernard Parish offers visitors a true choose-your-own-adventure-style drive and a glimpse of authentic south Louisiana culture.

This story originally ran in The New Orleans Advocate/Times-Picayune. Read the full article at (Don’t miss the newspaper’s slideshow.)

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A hand holds up a large apple fritter in front of a red sign reading "Gerald's" on a day trip to St. Bernard Parish
Start your St. Bernard road trip at Gerald’s Donuts for drive-through breakfasts and apple fritters the size of your head. Photo by Jessica Fender
A mural of a blue and purple octopus on the wall of a restaurant on a day trip to St. Bernard Parish
Fry and Pie, which specializes in inventive poutines and personal-sized pies, recently opened a second location in Old Arabi, just over the parish line. A long-time Nola cult favorite, Fry and Pie recruited local artists to decorate its interior. Photo by Jessica Fender
A wooden shack sits alongside a man-made pond with an alligator statue in it at the Los Islenos Center on a day trip to St. Bernard Parish
A fisherman’s cabin joins historic homes, a replica dance hall, two small museums and a nature trail to form a small village at the Los Islenos Center. The center depicts the early life of some of the area’s first non-Indigenous inhabitants, Spanish colonizers from the Canary Islands. Photo by Jessica Fender

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