Nine reasons you should book a group travel trip

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I took my first group travel trip almost by accident — and I’m so lucky I did.  Here’s nine reasons you should book a group travel trip.

Picture this: Nepal, 2017. I was still a newbie world traveler and was completely intimidated by the planning process. I had never even heard of group travel, when a Google search of “what to do in Nepal” turned up a G Adventures trip. And I booked.

G adventures Nepal
G Our G Adventures group at the end of a 3 day trek through the foothills of the Himalayas

I found myself one of seven strangers from seven different countries — plus our amazing Nepalese guide Kalpana. We spent 10 days trekking through that incredible country together, taking in the sights and worrying about absolutely nothing. Bonus: We soon became fast friends. In fact, my Canadian travel buddy Tracy and I hit it off so well, we’ve been on two trips together since.

G adventures Nepal
A few of the magic moments seven strangers shared together in Nepal.

I cannot recommend G Adventures enough. And Fender loved her trip through Australia with Contiki on assignment. (Read her story here)

Never thought about group travel before?

Here are Nine Reasons You Should Book a Trip Soon

  1. You were just  stuck at home for a WHOLE YEAR.  You’re ready to see the world — or, at least, somewhere that’s not your living room. New people, places and culture awaits!
  • 2. You want to meet more like-minded individuals IRL. We have all found each other in this big wide open Internet, we clearly have something in common. You’ll make new friends — and maybe even a new travel buddy
  • 3. Planning isn’t your thing. With group travel everything is done for you! We have already found the local guides and worked out the logistics for a seamless trip. There’s no rushing, no standing still too long just the right amount of travel so you’re never exhausted or bored 
  • 4. International travel is overwhelming. What’s the language? The currency? What do you tip? What is the polite way to greet people?Don’t want to stress over all these details? We do all the work for you and give you a list of supplies, what to pack, what visas, currency and vaccines you need. Plus, you’ll have a local on hand to give you the real tea.
  • 5. It’s SO MUCH FUN to explore new places with other people! Solo travel is amazing and everyone should do it. But group travel is a great jumping off point and a way to get yourself in travel shape for future trips!
  • 6. You want an authentic experience. Staying in an airbnb in Cuba is ???? . Staying in an airbnb in New Orleans can be ???? We ‘re all about doing right by locals and supporting the communities and cultures we’re visiting. 
  • 7. How is traveling with Fender & Maloney an authentic experience? Good news! We are not your guide ???? We hire pros for that! We’re experiencing the trip with you!, and everything we do is Traveler Broads approved.
  • 8. You’re an introvert? No problem. Self exploration is built into the itinerary. Go out on your own, grab a new friend on the trip to see some sights or stay in the room and take a nap. Nothing is mandatory.
  • 9. Want great vacation pics? Guess what, you got pics from all your new friends to share with. You KNOW we are always up for a selfie.

If any of these nine reasons you should book a group travel trip speak to you, let’s go on a trip together!!

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