Oh Hi’s Mardi Gras is pure color, glitter and whimsy

This playful duo just published an epic Mardi Gras guide (with us!). Not only do we love Oh Hi Co’s design style, but we fully approve of their glitter-covered Carnival, too!

Q. Tell us a little about yourself.

We’re Antonio and Madisyn from the stationery and design studio, Oh Hi Co. We moved to NOLA on a whim about 3 years ago. Currently we live in Bayou St. John and spend most of our days designing – and “oohing and aahing” at every perfect little house in New Orleans.

Q. When people check out your IG feed, what side of Nola will they see? What’s your take on the city?

Color and architecture. Since moving to NOLA, we’ve been heavily influenced by the colors of the city. It’s definitely the reason our products at Oh Hi are so colorful. Even our wardrobes changed since moving here.

(Hellllooo red, goodbye grey!)

Q. What’s your favorite thing about Mardi Gras? What does it mean to you?

Mardi Gras really is such a happy time of year.

I think people mostly imagine a rowdy and X-rated party, when really it feels like the spirit of Christmas time on steroids. The entire city is bustling with energy, and there’s a feeling of pure joy during the whole season.

There’s also a exceptional level of creativity displayed during Mardi Gras that we never anticipated. Every person takes their costuming very seriously, and it’s such a joy to witness a bunch of adults express themselves.

Q. Uh oh! Your friends just told you they’re coming for Mardi Gras and know nothing about the city. Quick, where do you send them to eat, sleep and Mardi Gras up?

Get yourself a king cake at Dong Phuong.

You’re going to be underdressed. Seriously, I promise whatever “outrageous” outfit you have planned won’t even be close. The least you can do is grab some sparkle from Fringe and Company and a wig from Fifi Mahony’s.

You’re going to need your wallet, phone, etc. but you’re going to be too busy catching throws to hold them. Enter fanny packs. Glitter Box in the French Quarter carries embellished glitter ones—a completely necessary purchase. They also carry loads of other great MG accessories, so it’s worth the stop.

Ok. You’re drunk now, definitely hungry, and the thought of eating more sweets isn’t ideal. This is when you head to Dat Dog. This is also a perfectly acceptable time to eat Popeyes. Honestly, if Mardi Gras had a sponsor, it might as well be Popeyes.

There is no sleeping during Mardi Gras. Come on.

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Q. What are some of your Mardi Gras “must dos”?

Sample all the king cakes. Each bakery really has such a different take on this classic dessert, so it’s worth trying them all. There is actually a King Cake Festival where you can stuff yourself with the all the premier king cakes, everything from savory to sweet.

Participate in Krewe of St. Ann. Want to witness a bunch of adults purely elated and covered head to toe in glitter? St. Ann is where you need to go.

Go see ‘Tit Rex. These teeny tiny floats (they’re actually the size of a shoebox) crack me up every time.

Q. What’s your favorite parade and why?

Muses for being just fabulous; Tucks for being completely out of control; and Chewbacchus for being the most original.

Q. Walk us through your Fat Tuesday itinerary.

Get up early! Eat a big breakfast, and head on over to St. Ann in the Bywater by 10 a.m. Proceed with caution on the mixed drinks before noon!! If you can, get a shopping cart—I’m serious. Fill it with drinks, snacks, and a boom box. Wander and revel around the French Quarter afterwards.  

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And don’t forget to pick up your copy of half-scavenger hunt, half Mardi Gras field guide we just published with Oh Hi!

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