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Quarantine History

Quarantine History Ep 5

A Russian immigrant, coups in Central America and victory in a Boston boardroom – the banana’s story spans the globe. But in episode 5 of Quarantine History, it’s New Orleans’ own Sam “Banana Man” Zemurray who takes the fruit straight…

May 24, 2020 / Author Maloney

Araña Taqueria y Cantina

UPDATE: *Permanently Closed* Tequila fans rejoice! Araña Taqueria y Cantina isn’t just a great spot for brunch, it also features a tasting guide to steer you through the delicious and dizzying array of tequilas and mescals offered at the Irish…

December 4, 2019 / Author Maloney
Eat/Drink NOLA Sleep NOLA

Catahoula Hotel: Cabana-chic and dog friendly

New Orleans’ Catahoula Hotel slays the hotel bar, Insta-perfect decor and vegan-Chinese fusion. We recommend this 35-room boutique hotel (a refreshing change from mega-chains) for 20-something trend-seekers, group travelers and dog lovers. The Catahoula, named for Louisiana’s state pooch, is…

December 13, 2018 / Author Fender
New Orleans

Southern Decadence 2018 Schedule

2018 is the 47th Annual Southern Decadence Celebration and we’ve got the Southern Decadence 2018 Schedule in full. Fodor’s Travel just listed Decadence in their top 13 non-Pride LGBTQ Festivities in the world. Welcome to New Orleans Labor Day weekend. Pick…

August 10, 2018 / Author Maloney