Frenemies at the Gate: Traveler Broads Go Global in One Month!

Traveler Broads Go Global

You could literally be 15 feet away, buying Maloney a bottle of water — and if the airport gate attendant says line up, Maloney lines up. Your bags are abandoned where you left them, and she is NOT going to let you cut in line. She knows it’s weird, but THERE ARE RULES!

The gate does not stress me out. I’ll even save you a seat on the plane. Because manners. But do not mess with my two-day OCD packing ritual. I fan out every toiletry item, gadget and article of clothing I’m taking with me in an attempt to not to forget anything. (Surprise! It’s always underwear.)

Basically, what I’m trying to say is this: We are both crazy people — neurotic in totally different ways — and we are about to spend several months traveling around the world together. And you! are invited to watch 🙂

Traveler Broads Go Global 2
Duckfacing before it was “cool.”

A little about our history together. Yes, we’re attractive young women in our early 20s*. But we met more than a decade ago working for a newspaper in Louisiana. I’m pretty sure back then we were just regular friends — not yet the one-upping, uber snarky frenemies all our buddies are tired of seeing plastered across their social media feeds. We even lived together in a one-room shack in Baton Rouge for a bit (where SHE cooked for ME! OMG, do you remember that, Maloney?!). Every year, we plan Mardi Gras costumes together, which inevitably turns into an arms race over who can build the tallest headdress. And, we launched the Traveler Broads together last year, when Maloney went crazy(er) and decided to quit her job. We’ve done tons of traveling together. So far, we’ve survived all of it.

But this around the world shit is some next level togetherness. And I can honestly say, I have no idea what’s going to happen.

What will I run out of first, red lipstick or patience? Gasp! What if we run out of bananas!? Do any of the illegal prescription drugs we bought in Mexico actually work? Where are we going to sleep and how are we going to support ourselves?

Oh yeah, there’s that. Let’s just call our planning style “relaxed” — that way we don’t have to call it “grossly irresponsible.” We’re hoping to mix in some hostel stays and work exchanges and just travel wherever seems good at the time. (Hit us up if you have any advice, connections or — better yet! — a couch to lend us for a few nights. We’re both working remotely, too.)

All we really know is that by this time next month, we will be in Iceland together at the very beginning of this adventure. And (deep breath) I’m totally not freaking out (deep breath) or anything!

More later! But we just wanted to give you guys a little flavor of what we’re unleashing onto the world 😉 We’re going to do our best to be entertaining — and maybe even informative. Follow along and wish us luck, frands! We need it!

*Shut up.

Traveler Broads Go Global

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