Where to find the Interactive Field Guide to Mardi Gras

See how the Traveler Broads Mardi Gras in our new 2019 guide!

Just in time for Mardi Gras, your favorite local travel personalities — The Traveler Broads — and the artists at Oh Hi Co. have released a new pocket-sized guide that gives grown-up revelers an insider’s perspective on the Greatest Free Show on Earth. Part scavenger hunt, part activity book and part local’s guide, the Off the Record Interactive Field Guide to Mardi Gras is packed with more than 150 tips, parties, parades and prompts. 

Earn points and compete with friends as you collect prized throws, high-five the craziest walking krewes, sip the sexiest cocktails and capture the magic of carnival time in this hilarious keepsake.  Wile away your lengthy Uber ride by helping the drunk guy avoid dangers in a maze of the French Quarter or hunting for hidden king cake babies.

Based on a collective 30+ years of Mardi Gras experience, the Interactive Field Guide gives visitors and locals alike the information they need — parade schedules, must-snag reservations, how to bail friends out of jail, etc. — to make the most of Mardi Gras. 

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