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I can’t believe it’s been six whole years since New Orleans photographer Jacqueline Marque photographed by French Quarter Apartment for Apartment Therapy after my first rental refresh. I have made so many updates since then. Like many people during Covid lockdown, I finally fished some projects that had been sitting undone for years.

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Can’t wait to show it off. But first, it was a kitchen “remodel” that originally put me on Apartment Therapy.

Apartment Therapy New Orleans

I have lived in this rental for 11 years and even though I don’t own it, I have permission to do superficial updates. It’s import for me to be able to feel creative in my home. So most of these changes are pretty affordable. What made this simple refresh seem dramatic was taking off the cabinet doors (mostly because they were going to be too much work to paint) and adding the peel and stick backsplash.

Covid Lockdown Rental Refresh

Mardi Gras Head dress
Floating wall shelves are a practical way to store my costumes that also doubles as wall art.
French Quarter Apartment
Finally! My cozy little French Quarter Apartment was perfect.

Living room area

The biggest change to my living space was renting out a separate workspace in 2019- also one of the best decisions I ever made for my mental health. Not having to squeeze a desk into my living room gave me a lot more freedom to be creative. I also swapped the living and dining area which makes the most sense and I don’t really know why I hadn’t done it before. One feature I love about my apartment is the gas fireplace. Humid, 100+ year-old structures get shockingly cold in the winter. I also got my first television in years and it turned out to be a real life saver during Covid.

Velvet couch

Phoebe Chair and Isabella Tufted Velvet futon (because someone always needs a couch to crash on in the French Quarter.)

Brass fixtures

This single drink side table is my favorite because it’s so small and yet so practical. Another cute version. Full disclosure: This palm died because I don’t get much light in the apartment but it looked cute for a minute in this standing planter.

New Orleans apartment

I am currently obsessed with brass decor, especially ships for no apparent reason. I got this beauty that also inspired my 2020 Mardi Gras costume at a junk shop in New Orleans but Etsy has a few gorgeous pieces. Hanging planters are a great way to squeeze more plants into a space. I bought this gorgeous rug in Morocco (Warning! Pack an empty suitcase for shopping if you ever go to Morocco) You can find some beauties online.

Velvet record player

I adore my little Crosley record player. One of my downtime art projects is glitter painting albums. One day they will be on our Etsy site if I can figure out how to get 5 more hours in each day!

Dining Area

French quarter apartment tour
Moving the dining area closer to the kitchen clearly makes more sense.
Pink stemware

Pink Stemware, Charcoal and white table setting and Gold flatware. Mid century modern table, chairs and buffet. Antique Mardi Gras Headdress, lamps and curio cabinet. Simple black and white rug to bring it all together.

I attempted to learn the ukulele during quarantine and even though it didn’t really stick, it looks cute as hell on the wall.

Small kitchen remodel

The kitchen hasn’t changed much but I became pretty into the color pink and just stuck some fairy lights up under the counters which looks super cool at night. Also replaced the old tile floors which was about a million times easier than I thought it would be and I really regret not doing it sooner. I love my coffee grinder and milk frother. I have a very rigid coffee routine. Cute straw holder and glass containers were nice little upgrades too.


Perfect comforter

My FAVORITE comforter ever. It has a good weight to it, without being hot, washes like a dream and doesn’t get too gross from the dogs. Run out to get this velvet dream!

My velvet obsession has been going strong for a while, This bed frame is pretty old but here’s a similar option. I needed to break up the velvet with some cotton Dalmatian pillow shams. A similar mid century circle lamp. Hanging lantern was inspired by travel and the prayer rug was a souvenir from Istanbul.

Photo Gallery

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Leave a comment if you’d like to me to tag anything else in the apartment! Thanks for coming on the tour of my cozy French Quarter Apartment rental refresh, I hope my style inspires you. ~ Maloney

French Quarter Apartment Tour

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