The 10 Best Instagram Spots in San Miguel De Allende

The 10 Most Photogenic Instagram Spots in San Miguel De Allende

1. Every single street! The whole town is a world heritage site and basically like stepping back in time. The vibrant colors are stunning. A theme of reds and golds echoes through the main square. We found this spot walking from the lookout (Real a Qro 92 | Zona CentroSan Miguel de Allende 37700, Mexico) back down to the main square.

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2. Speaking of the lookout – Go to the lookout! (El mirador in Spanish) Take an Uber or cab, because it’s uphill. Enjoy the downhill walk back to town. (Real a Qro 92 | Zona Centro, San Miguel de Allende 37700, Mexico)


3. Did we mention every single street is photo worthy? This particular one was one of our favorites the it is called Aldana and it is a two block stretch between Parroquia and Parque Benito Juárez.

4.  An unexpected frequent stop for us was the local library. It has a gorgeous courtyard, a gift shop with full ceiling mural and a cafe with these cute yellow chairs that just happened to match my hair. Donde esta la biblioteca? Glad you asked. (Insurgentes #25, Centro, Zona Centro)


5. The Mask Museum at Casa de la Cuesta is a top pick for us. There is no photography inside the museum, but it’s definitely worth a walk through. It’s located inside of a gorgeous bed and breakfast decorated with these masks. It has friendly owners, a large courtyard and a city view from the top of the museum. (Cuesta de San José 32, Azteca)


6. Shopping is insane here. We spent a good amount of time plotting ways to come back with empty suitcases. Also why not use my new hand carved wooden tiger head ($25USD) as prop?


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7. Parroquia de San Miguel Arcangel. Impossible to miss this enormous church is located on the North side of El Jardin. Photogenic from every angle it also serves as a landmark when you inevitably get lost.


8. Fábrica La Aurora, a renovated textile mill shops, galleries and cafe is an easy uber ride away. It’s worth it to see the lively local art and for upscale shopping. Also plenty of great spots for instagraming. (Calzada de la Aurora S/N, Aurora)


9. Coming from New Orleans for us, visiting cemeteries is natural. The locals here also have a close connection to the dead. We would suggest a visit to the Pantheon of Our Lady of Guadalupe (Camino Viejo Al Pantheon 46, Central Zone, 37700) Especially during Dia de Muertos, but even if you’re not there during the holiday to honor the dead, the cemeteries are unique and beautiful places in San Miguel


10. Lastly if you happen to be in town during Dia de Muertos, you will find an alter in every shop, public building and home in the city. Some are more elaborate than others, but they are all a treasure and created to be appreciated and admired. We spotted this one at the Mercado de Artesanias. (Lucas Balderas S/N, Centro)


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