See Mexico by bus! How to get from MEX Airport to any destination


Mexico by Bus

So, you’ve landed in Mexico City bound for some other fabulous town. The great news is, it is simple (and comfortable!) to travel Mexico by bus.  While we hope you spend a few days exploring this incredible capitol, we realize you’ve got places to be. Our guest blogger (Traveler Bro?) Chad Calder laid out a step-by-step guide on how to get from the Mexico City International Airport to the Mexico Norte Bus Station with ease.

  1. Buy your ticket at least a week before and reserve your seat! We used Primero Plus. You cannot use an American credit card on their website, so you’ll have to give them a call. You can ask for an English speaker. But, we HIGHLY recommend booking on ETN for maximum comfort.
  2. Don’t change money until after customs. (Editor’s Note: And definitely don’t change it at the Houston airport. They will rip you off.) When you get done with customs head toward Puerto 1 to get to the metro, which is all the way to the left at the end. Your walk to the metro will include an outside portion. Just follow the herd.
  3. Along the way, change a little bit of money — $20 each should do it. Don’t worry too much about the rate, you’re not gonna get a bargain anyway.
  4. Eventually, you’ll see the turnstiles. Look for a little window called taquilla, and buy metro tickets for 5 pesos each. They will give a nerd a free “mapa” if you ask, but you don’t need it.
  5. You are at the Terminal Aerea stop on the yellow line, which goes straight to your destination Autobuses del Norte. It’s only about 8 stops, but you need to make sure you’re going in the right direction. So, look for Dirreccion Politecnico. (BTW, salida means exit and andenes means platform).
  6. You can track your progress on the sign on the train, but the doors don’t stay open long. Be ready at the door when you’re stop comes
  7. All you do when you get to the bus station stop is cross the street and go into the bus station, which spans left and right. Find your bus station and get your ticket from the counter.
  8. Check in is 30 minutes before you leave, and it consists of hurrying through a security checkpoint. They only want you to scan your luggage. Don’t empty your pockets.
  9. If you use the bathroom at the bus station, you need 5 pesos. There is a bathroom on the bus. You can buy snacks at the station but Primero Plus will give you a little bag lunch as you get on the bus. (Editor’s Note: It is usually horrible. Also, they won’t let you bring beer on board.) Don’t fall for the sangria. There’s no booze in it.
  10. Sit back and relax. Most buses have wifi but it’s not very good and on Primero Plus, the movies were only in Spanish but they have a USB plug.
Mexico Norte Bus Station
Mexico City Metro

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