Nette perfects a kid-friendly Mardi Gras

Fashionable and funny, New Orleans mom-of-two Nette has mastered the balance between grown-up fun and a kid-friendly Mardi Gras. Get all her best tips here!

Q. Tell us a little about yourself.

I am Nette, a Nola transplant. My wife, Jasmine, and our two sons, Lane and Thomas, have been residents of our favorite city for almost 3 years and live in Lakeview. Life here in Nola is like the weather, unpredictable. When we are not attending the 41,622 weekend birthday parties, you can find us at any of the Audubon Institute properties, the park, an indoor play area or taking walks to the many little libraries.

Q. When people check out your IG feed or blog, what side of Nola will they see?

When people visit @livinglifewithnette they will see a little bit of the family side of Nola and what a child’s life growing up in Nola is like – until our favorite holiday, Mardi Gras, comes. Then, all routines and eating habits are thrown out the window.

New Orleans is such a unique place to live and we are very happy we made the decision to relocate and raise our #brodudes in a rainbow city.

Q. What’s your favorite thing about Mardi Gras? What does it mean to you?

Unlimited king cake, Popeyes chicken, honest juice, dance troupes and beer are just a few of my favorites. Most of all, the people are my favorite thing about Mardi Gras. Most are so friendly, and you meet so many new friends on the parade routes.

I must add the 610 Stompers, too. (Definitely dressing up my boys as 610 Stompers this year.)

Q. Uh oh! Your friends just told you they’re coming for Mardi Gras and know nothing about the city. Quick, where do you send them to Mardi Gras up?

Pick up the Traveler Broad’s 2019 Mardi Gras guide for more “must-dos”.

Q. What are a few of your Mardi Gras “must dos”?

  • Best King Cake: Dong Phoung (a drive worth taking) and Bywater bakery (praline)
  • Best Kid Friendly Event: Being in a ladder, the best seat in town
  • Take one night off from the kids!! Every year for Endymion my girlfriends and I meet up with adult drinks in hand, matching shirts and the annual jello shot lady waiting for us. We enjoy this one parade kid free and TURN UP!!!

Q. What’s your favorite parade and why?

Awww man, I can only choose 1?

For me, it is Endymion. The floats are absolutely amazing and well designed. The lights and the amount of throws you receive are too literally die for.

Runners up: Nyx and Muses, because ummm ALL GIRL KREWES

And for the #brodudes: Tucks, because they enjoy catching the toilet paper and plungers.

Q. Walk us through your Fat Tuesday itinerary.

  • 4 a.m.: Wake up and secure a spot (ladder, chairs, tarps, blankets) on the parade route
  • 5 a.m.: Everyone’s dressed, snacks are packed
  • 6 a.m.: Get settled in and take a family portrait before we get Fat Tuesday wasted. (Make sure kids have information tag with contact information.)
  • 8 a.m. – 10:30 a.m.: Impatiently wait for parades to begin (dancing, eating, and playing games)
  • ~10:30 a.m.: Lunch from a restaurant or street vendor
  • 11 a.m.: More parade watching and even naps in the wagon or stroller
  • ~3 p.m.: Pack up and stop at Popeyes one last time.

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