Simone’s Market: Curating Nola’s best foodie finds

Roasted Strawberry Creole ice cream cone with sprinkles from Simone's Market, New Orleans' grocery wonderland.
Citrus from local farmers at Simone's Market, New Orleans' organic grocery wonderland.

Make groceries, buy local and feast on house-made goodies at Simone’s Market, New Orleans’ gourmet corner store. 

It’s hard to say what we love most about Simone’s Market, New Orleans’ conscientiously curated grocery wonderland.

For one, the shelves are stocked with unique local products from makers we didn’t even know existed.

In a few hundred square feet, we discovered Acalli Chocolate (award-winning and responsibly sourced), goods from heirloom baker Bellegarde, and small batch peanut butter from Conut — to name a few. If it’s not local, it’s interesting. There’s a large selection of organic and biodynamic wines, for example. 

Simone's Market, New Orleans' organic gourmet grocer, stocks unique goods from local producers.

Fresh citrus, squash, tomatoes and other produce hail from Marrero, Alexandria and more regional locations. What comes in bruised or “ugly” gets put to use at Simone’s deli counter, overseen by expert baker (that focaccia!) Chef Colleen Allerton-Hollier.

Which brings us to lunch. 

The smoked fried chicken thigh sandwich, Simone’s signature dish, won us over at first bite. Healthier eaters can opt for robust salads and grain bowls. If you get the chance, order anything you can find that has Chef Colleen’s tomato-coffee jam on it. Grab a drink from the cooler and enjoy a casual, sit-down lunch or dinner. 

We *probably* should have stopped there. But then we spotted Quintin’s Natural ice cream — again, locally made — repping the region with its 16-flavor line up. 

I got the Roasted Strawberry Creole. Maloney had the Sweet Potato. We’d tell you which was better, but — true story — they were both too good to share. 

As a lifelong foodie, I love hitting grocery stores in new destinations. Travelers who make the trip to Simone’s Market (in the Carrollton neighborhood) won’t leave disappointed. 

Looking for other great spots to eat in Nola? We love Longway Tavern in the French Quarter, too! Or check in with our favorite Nola Instagrammers to see what they’re up to!

If you like it then you should’a put a pin on it 😉 

Simone's market new orleans

NOTE: Our meal was comped, but our opinions are our own. Trust us. We’re still dreaming about that chicken sandwich. 

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