Planning a New Orleans trip? Grab our French Quarter guide!

We haven’t stopped jumping up and down all day.* Why? After three months of planning, researching, illustrating and plotting, we just debuted our Off the Record French Quarter guide — required reading if you’re planning a New Orleans trip! (And we hope you are. This town really is the best.)

French Quarter guide


Inside, you’ll find everything you need to know to get down and dirty like a local. We’ve got the best spots to sip Nola’s classic cocktails, must-try hidden kitchens, the most fab local retail, selfie spots (of course), indie art galleries — you name it. Our goal was to give visitors a taste of the secret French Quarter, the one locals love and TripAdvisor knows nothing about.

So, whether you’re looking for a glam courtyard to cool off with a Prosecco popsicle or looking for an authentic, pop-up shrimp boil hosted by one of our all-time favorite drag queens, we got you! Just think of it as all the benefits of a personal tour of the FQ without actually having to put up with us!

Our co-conspirators for this adventure? The artists and all around badasses at New Orleans’ own Oh Hi, Co. (That’s right! This is 100% local created. So, put that on your map!) It also features eye-catching illustrations, bright colors, quality paper, a protective sleeve and — because we know one of the best parts of vacay is making friends back home jelly — a bonus postcard!

We hope you’ll take a look, not just because we spent so much effort putting this together, but because we really want people to get to know this fabulous city a little better! Just in time for Jazz Fest, Nola’s 300 year anniversary, your weekend getaway — make your New Orleans trip authentic.

*Disclaimer: This is just an expression. We are not actually capable of jumping down all day. But the Oh Hi, Co. babes are!

Already in New Orleans? You can pick up the guide at these great shops:

Skull Paradise – 623 St Peter St.

The Giving Tree – 738 Royal St.

Bloody Mary’s Haunted Museum – 826 Rampart St.

GlitterBox – 1109 Royal St.

French Quarter Postal Emporium – 1000 Bourbon St.

Funeral Gallery – 811 Royal St.


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French Quarter guide

25 thoughts on “Planning a New Orleans trip? Grab our French Quarter guide!”

  1. I absolutely love NOLA! There is so much culture and things to do there. Not to mention, tons of delicious foods. Congratulations on creating your guide!

  2. Even though we only live about a 5-hour drive away, we still haven’t visited New Orleans yet for some reason. I would like to go soon though, so I’ll have to refer to this guide to plan!

  3. I’m eager to visit New Orleans and try all the delicious food! Thanks for sharing your guide, there truly is so much to see in this crazy city.

  4. I was just telling another traveller than I miss NOLA at least once a week…I see a photo or a post…I remember a flavor or a flash of color…I hear music…anything. And I ache for this city. I can’t wait to go back.

  5. I have heard so much of New Orleans that it’s getting high up on my US bucket list. Looking at your picture, enjoying and jumping, yes I’m sure now. I love the backdrop of that castle like structure, what exactly is that building?

  6. Congratulations!! That’s really exciting and quite an achievement. I also recently published my food guide to the best of Peruvian cuisine and I know the feeling of accomplishment! Best of luck with the guide 🙂

  7. I went here a couple of years back and I had SO much fun… New Orleans is full of so many amazing places to see, great people to meet, delicious food to eat etc… It’s difficult to not fall in love with NOLA. New Orleans is a city with soul 😉 One of my favorite things to do was simply wander the streets.

  8. The French quarter guide seems interesting indeed. I love offbeat guides. Also, would it give me tips on vegan travel to New Orleans? :)…

  9. This is such a great idea! I often struggle to find good places that are off the beaten path when planing trips. Will definitely grab a copy when I start planing a trip in the future.

  10. So cool! I want to know where the indie art galleries are! I just went to New Orleans for the first time last year and totally loved it…will definitely be back and will pick one of these up.

  11. How exciting! I’ve not yet been to New Orleans (at least not as an adult) – so definitely planning a trip in the future!

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