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Sometimes, after a long bout of globetrotting, your heart just screams “Stay home!” (Let’s be honest, our wallets have been screaming the same thing for a while now.) Luckily, even when we’re not on the road or in the air, we live in one of the greatest travel destinations in the world. So, expect to hear some shouting from the rooftops about Nola while we park it for the next few months. In the meantime, these are our favorite New Orleans Instagrammers, who keep us up-to-date on what’s up in the city.

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1. I Heart NOLA 

Gorgeous photos from the city and a shit ton of info on whats going on around town.

2. I Am NOLA Bougie

This lady is teaching us to be more fabulous everyday and one of the coolest moms we know.

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Cheers to the Freakin’ Weekend!

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3. Liz Kamarul

Newish to Nola, watching Liz fall in love with the city reminds us of that feeling — plus! daily design inspo. 

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Sweet little moment with my furry baby boy. Tim and I don't plan on having kids. Neither one of us have that desire. It's funny though because we were raised on the idea that you go to school, find a job, get married, have kids. That's the order of life. Not for us. Times are changing and the idea of what is a normal and perfect life can look really different from person to person. Don't try to fit into some box. Find out what you want and what you desire and what path you want to take. Then take it, whatever it may be. ????????????‍????‍????‍????????‍????????????????????????‍♂️????‍♀️⛹????‍♀️????????‍♀️✈???????????????????????? . . #nola #bohemianstyle #myanthropologie #jungalowstyle #myhouzz #homewithrue #apartmenttherapy #realliving #yellowtrace #mysouthernliving #myhousebeautiful #noladesign #inmydomaine #sodomino #dwellpow #interiorforall #fpme #lonnyliving #ABMathome #showemyourstyled #verandamag #bhghome #yellowtraceinteriors #flashesofdelight #findyouraway #homelove #mypinterest #landgathome

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4. Mattingsworth

Serving up the daily looks the world needs right now.

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POP of color: green

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5. NOLA Maven

She’s been there, done that, and already eaten at that new restaurant you wanted to try. 

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Lucky to live in New Orleans.

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6. Jaci Blue 

Magazine St. boutique Jaci Blue’s badass owner shouts loud and proud about body positivity. 

7. Glitter Box 

Supporting  femme-identifying makers has never looked so fabulous. We love this workshop/retail space.

8. Amarachi Ukachu 

Makes us want to up our style 1000%. (Seriously, take us shopping with you 😉 

9. Ashley Longshore

Longtime fans of her art, Instagram showed us how totally bonkers the artist herself is (in the best fucking way). 

10. Bella Blue 

The ambassatrix of New Orleans burlesque scores bonus points for inclusivity and her jaw-dropping routines.  

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Joy. Stay present, ladies. ALL ladies and lady identifying humans. Don’t go dark today on social media. Be bigger than you ever have in your life. Take up more space with your energy, your words, your presence, your impact. Use your voices and your bodies to incite change. Putting up a black square does nothing if your actions don’t make it past that one post on the internet. Affect change off of your screens as well as on them. Your power is in being in plain sight. Hold them accountable and make them listen. . . This morning (like every Sunday morning), I will be dancing for strangers. Many of those strangers may hold different beliefs than I do and it’s quite possible that if they knew anything about me, they would say that my rights should be taken away and that my family is an “abomination.” They would say that the things I believe in and fight for are completely a farce and that institutionalized racism doesn’t exist because there’s black men making millions in the football game that’s playing on the TV over their heads. They would argue that women like myself and every woman I know aren’t to be believed when we come forward about our assaults and experiences because we are irrational and incapable of being civil. They would say that they wish for a different time when America was “great.” . . To those people I say “I’m here. We are here. Loud. Proud. And I won’t give you the satisfaction of having an entire day of not having to see or hear me. Not today and not ever. And I’m definitely coming back to haunt your ass when I die.”

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11. Miss Hein 

Creating space for women in NOLA on top of being a great artist with a killer sense of style.

12. Big Freedia 

New Orleans own Queen Diva is putting a spotlight on bounce and showing the world how we do in NOLA.

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