TB-approved: The travel gift guide

Finding the perfect holiday gift can be a toughie. But if you’ve got a globetrotter in your life, you’re in luck! The Traveler Broads have test-driven dozens of products searching for the very best presents to make life a little easier, a little flashier and a lot more fun for frequent flyers like us. Behold: Our 2018 travel gift guide.

Happy shopping, everybody! (And let us know if you need our mailing addresses 😉 )

While this article contains affiliate links, we only list products we love and use regularly. We were not paid for recommendations.

ChicModa Collapsible Water Bottle – $15

Fender says:

BPA free and cute as hell, I use this scrunchable bottle to quench my thirst on airplanes, on hikes and in countries with questionable water quality. (And it hasn’t leaked once!)

Flapper Real Cork Handback – $159

  • Maloney Says:

Secure, lightweight, waterproof and crafted in New Orleans. Queork uses ethical and sustainable cork as fabric and you get a 10% discount in story by dropping our name “Traveler Broads”

Osprey Porter 46 Travel Pack – $140

Maloney Says: 

This pack is my favorite backpack for light or heavy packing. I recently spent 10 days in Europe with only this pack, and it fit everything I needed. It’s super versatile and comfortable. 


Jewelry Organizer – $27

Travel Gifts

Fender Says:

Sure, breaking jewelry in transit gives me a great excuse to buy more jewelry — but I’d rather protect my stuff! This little bag feels fancy and fits a lot. (Plus, who really needs an excuse to buy jewelry?)


Cute Compression Socks – $20

cute travel compression socks

Maloney says: 

I wouldn’t dream of flying more than 3 hours without compression socks. I’m no doctor, but the first time your feet swell, you will never go back to flying without them. So, why not wear the cute kind?


LectroFan White Noise Machine – $29

Fender says:

I usually opt for AirBnbs or end up bunking with a snorer (*cough* Maloney *cough cough*). This tiny white noise machine blocks it allll out. More powerful than phone apps, wireless means you can place it anywhere in the room.


Polare Leather Overnight Bag* – $180

Fender says

Luxe high quality leather, spacious interior and smart layout make this an ideal overnight bag. It may be a splurge, but it feels like you paid much more. We’ve loved every bag we’ve tried from Polare.


Louise Maelys Pocket Hairbrush – $14

Maloney says:

The ultimate in space saving. This travel hairbrush even has a mirror! Grab a 4-pack for the perfect stocking stuffers.


Ili Instant Offline Translator – $199

Fender says:

Perfect for anyone whose Spanish is as bad as mine! This gadget translates English to Spanish, Chinese or Japanese. It’s biggest benefit is that it doesn’t need a wifi connection to work. Great for less connected destinations.


Gillette Venus Travel Razor – $43

Maloney says:

A moisture ribbon means there’s no need to pack shave cream. The compact design saves space. And the case keeps this razor clean dry (not to mention makes sure you’ll never slice your hand looking for it in your bag).


RAV Power Portable Charger – $80

Fender says:

Accessing foreign data networks is a serious power suck, so I never travel without this external battery. It’s larger than most, but it also recharges super fast, supports most types of phones and holds enough juice for a few days of plug-less travel. (Smaller versions available.)


ALPS Mountaineering Compression Sack – $19

Maloney says:

I’m terrible at packing light. Compression sacks have changed my life. They’re perfect for the over packer in your life.

Travel gift guide
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  1. I love that little water bottle, its so cute! And that sound machine is CLUTCH! I have owned one for over three years now and have taken it all over the place! Love this list!

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