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We were thrilled to be interviewed by the traveling duo Goal Traveler AKA Cydny & Marc for their podcast on the Just Go Network Podcast. We love their concept and we even gave them a challenge which we’ll link to once they’ve completed it! ~Maloney

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Just Go Network Podcast

“On today’s episode we will be speaking to The Traveler Broads, Jessica Fender and Kerry Maloney, are fun, outrageous and always up for an adventure. Their goal is to help people be travelers instead of tourists. That means finding unique, local experiences and making sure dollars get into the hands of the people in the communities we visit. Their new French Quarter Off the Record guide helps visitors to our hometown, New Orleans, do just that.

They are also professional journalists. Fender won a Pulitzer Prize while writing for newspapers and currently freelances for several print travel magazines. Kerry has shot for several publications — newspapers and magazines — and uses the latest tech to capture stunning images and make funny, informative videos.

Together they have a unique, pro-woman voice; reach an audience of largely women between 25 and 45; and are lucky to have some exceptionally loyal followers. They spend way too much time scamming their way into travel opportunities, figuring out new ways to rag on each other, and learning how to say “Cheers!” in as many languages as possible.”

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