That Time My Dog Video Went Viral

Yes it happened, that time my dog video went viral. What a rush she’s still signing autographs almost daily. Dorothy Zbornak Maloney  (AKA DeeDee, Deedoo, PeePoo, Pea Pod, Baby Dog, Puppy Pants) is a rescue pittbull who found her way to my French Quarter apartment 5 years ago. I callously left her behind with a friend as I took my midlife crisis trip around the world (19 countries in 8 months). When I returned I strapped on a go-pro to see if she’d react. Click the photo below to see the link in the Daily Mail. Read more about our travels here.

My Dog Video Went Viral

My Dog Video Went Viral
Dorothy giving me the cold shoulder after the excitement subsided.

The story is also featured on ViralNova  ~Maloney

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