Queork: A Totally Unique, Ethical, Sustainable, Female-owned New Orleans Boutique

Cork is our new favorite fabric, and a totally unique New Orleans boutique is leading the charge on making the functional fashionable!

For local and ethical shopping in New Orleans think cork, but spell it Queork. With two locations  — 838 Chartres St. and 3005 Magazine St. — and easy online shopping, Queork is a one-stop shop for everyone in the family.

If you’re still not convinced, stop by the shop and drop our name — “Traveler Broads” — for 10% off.

Gorgeous handmade cork products at Queork

Queork — pronounced just like the material it uses to make its products — was inspired by a trip owners Amanda Dailey and Julie Araujo took to Julie’s family home in Portugal. 

Amanda was stunned to discover that the Portuguese use cork for an array of products designers in the U.S. hadn’t dreamed of, and that the material rarely used for anything other than wine stoppers and message boards here was actually versatile, beautiful and durable. 

And cork is the outer bark of the cork oak tree and regrows after it’s harvested, making it a truly sustainable source of material. 

Queork cork products
French Quarter shop window

One of our favorite things about their business is that Amanda and Julie developed the company’s workforce using the Youth Empowerment Project, a local nonprofit that provides education, training and mentorship programs for young adults in underserved communities.

“It was about nature, and it still is, but it has evolved,” Amanda says. “Now it’s about the people that work at Queork.”

“These employees are the reason I jump out of bed every day,” she continues. “They inspire me, and although I am helping them, they have helped me in so many ways. I just want to keep it going because they are like our family now.”

Queork cork fabric shop
Queork’s French Quarter location

TB take on Queork:

  • Why we love it: This New Orleans woman-owned business uses cork as fabric. Their merchandise is ethical, sustainable, waterproof, comfortable and super cute!
  • Vibe: Upscale. You pay a little extra to feel good about where you shop, but they have something for every budget.
  • Great for: Mother’s day and Father’s day one-stop shop. They also have a travel section online.
  • Discount: 10% off in store when you mention “TravelerBroads”
  • Bonus: Employs craftsmen through the Youth Empowerment Program
  • Hours/ Location: 838 Chartres St. & 3005 Magazine St. Daily 10-6. Online always.

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Pin the photo below to remember Querok and don’t forget to get your discount in store by dropping our name “Traveler Broads”

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